Model Ethnicity Guidelines

With the Cleared Candids Model Release form, contributors have the option to indicate the ethnicity of each model. Studios love being able to match your family’s ethnicity with characters in their project. By telling us your ethnicity, your photos are more likely to come up in specific search results.

Please refer to the following guidelines when filling in the Model Ethnicity section of the release form.

  • Asian – Individuals from Japan, China, South Korea, India, Southeast Asia etc.
  • Black – Individuals of African ancestry. (Includes African & African-American)
  • European – Individuals from the European continent
  • Middle Eastern – Individuals from Iran, Turkey, and Egypt, as well as the Arabian Peninsula and Fertile Crescent regions.
  • Pacific Islander – Individuals from Oceania (a group of islands located in the Pacific)
  • African American – Individuals from the USA with African ancestry
  • Caucasian – Individuals who are white but not from the European continent
  • Hispanic – Spanish-speaking individuals from Latin America
  • Native American – Individuals indigenous to the Americas
  • Mixed Race – Individuals with two or more of the ethnicities listed above

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