In Hollywood, there’s no rest for the wicked. The same goes for us. We’re constantly updating our website to make your experience renting photos easier. Check back often to see the changes we’ve made.

  • 2.02

What was supposed to be a great tool for login security no longer fits the bill. You’ll find we’re now using Cloudflare turnstile for our login, registration, and checkout security check tool. This should result in fewer of the dreaded "Google reCAPTCHA" failure messages. Cloudflare for the win!

  • 2.01

Now if you are viewing a photo page or try to view the checkout page but aren’t logged in, our website will remember what you were trying to view and take you right back. Handy!

  • 2.0

Wishlist layout is much better, and you can now add all items in a wishlist to your cart by clicking one button.

  • 1.8

New download history page. You can now see your photos available for download that you’ve rented in a clean, simple interface, organized by order number and date. This give you easy access to your rented photos. We’ve also updated the account layout page to make it cleaner and easier to navigate.

  • 1.0

On March 1, 2023, Cleared Candids launched its website. Celebration time! We’ll be adding more photos as quickly (but methodically) as we can!

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