Cleared Candids is a labor of love born out of frustration. We’ve all been there. Camera deadline is looming, and all of a sudden—the writers or directors need 20 to 30 cleared, authentic family photos for a scene. The art department scrambles. Crew is asked for family photos. Thousands of dollars are spent on stock photos that look like stock photos. The graphic artist is tasked with making them look more authentic. Everyone is stressed out and it’s a mad dash getting them edited, approved, printed, and dressed into set. OMG.

Cleared Candids serves as an antidote to this situation.

Over five years of planning, designing, coding, and curating images has resulted in the website and service you see today.

Here’s hoping Cleared Candids saves you time and makes your job a bit easier. It’s truly been a labor of love, and we welcome and adore your feedback—good or bad.

Meet the founder


As a vital member of our staff, Willis keeps busy supplying us with constant homemade biscuits. He sometimes answers our phone line.

(917) 841-0912

You can text or call Brandon at this number anytime—I’m here to help you find the perfect candid photo or answer any questions.

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